Client Website Launch: Sciplay
Posted by: Mighty 8th Media

It’s another exciting day at the hangar as we celebrate the launch of a cutting-edge, fully content manageable, B2B website for Sciplay – a leading supplier of responsible gaming solutions worldwide. Sciplay challenged the Mighty 8th team to give their website a fresh new look, while still keeping the essence of their gaming business center-stage. They needed to clearly communicate that Sciplay is a merger made up of two outstanding companies – Scientific Games and Playtech – the power of which makes up the strength of Sciplay’s service offerings and brings quite a bit of credibility to their organization. Additionally, they wanted to be able to have complete control of the website, develop a mobile version of their site and have the capability to offer the site content in various languages.

Our team of designers were able to tackle the challenge of showcasing the collaboration of companies by featuring fun elements such as a slot machine wheel in motion on the homepage and callouts to each of the companies represented. We were also able to streamline large amounts of content, such as their products, by anchoring, or linking, interactive buttons to bite-size amounts of information. This achieved a sleek look, while helping the user find information quickly and easily.

Since they have users needing to access their products, services and contact info on the go we created a mobile version of their site. It’s simplified design and easy to use navigation makes this site accessible and friendly from any mobile device. And with users worldwide, we developed a system in which the site can be translated for multiple languages as needed. So, the site can truly be accessed and read from anyone, anywhere, anytime.

And to top it off, they are able to manage the content of this completely custom site using a powerful WordPress engine. From Product images, copy, callouts and forms to creating a new language translation, Sciplay has all the controls to manage the site in-house – a long-term cost savings (and stress-reliever) to them.

We thoroughly enjoyed working with Sciplay on this exiting project and can’t wait to see how the results pay off!

Visit www.sci-play.com

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