Client Website Launch: Ray’s Restaurants
Posted by: Mighty 8th Media

If you’ve lived in Atlanta or visited at any point in your life you’ve probably heard of, if not eaten at, one of Ray’s Restaurants’ three locations. They’ve helped set the standard for fine dining in the metro area – specializing in fresh seafood, prime cut steaks and made-to-order sushi.

Along with award winning food, Ray’s exceeds in creating a unique and memorable experience for each and every guest. Realizing that creating this special experience branches out beyond the physical restaurant location, Ray’s choose the Mighty 8th team to create an online experience that extended that hospitality.

Our relationship started out with a tour of all three locations where we personally met the chefs and general managers from each restaurant. Getting to know them as well as the restaurants themselves offered valuable insight into the passion and personality the Ray’s team puts into making their guests feel special. Enjoying a delicious lunch at Ray’s on the River was all in a hard day’s work…but someone had to make sure the food was as good as it looked!

The Challenge

While all three restaurants are under the Ray’s brand, each have their own, unique vibe. From interior decor differences to the peak hours and type of visitors they attract, it was necessary for each website to thrive on what makes that location unique yet still cling to the Ray’s brand and standard of excellence.

As with any Atlanta attraction, Ray’s wanted to spotlight and convey that they are also one of Atlanta’s best for hosting special events such as weddings, receptions and business meetings. The full-service catering and event planning services were almost a hidden secret that was in need of attention.

It was also necessary for the website to be centrally managed by one editor, their marketing manager. Creating a way for the site editor to update all sites in a seamless and efficient way was critical to quickly update and disseminate information.

The Opportunity

The challenge ended up serving as the perfect gateway to endless opportunities for the Ray’s website! Due to their unique history and style, the options available for warm textures, rich colors and vivid photography were abundant. Our team’s knack for detail and talent for pulling together various pieces allowed for the blending of each site into its own masterpiece – pulling out highlights and features that draw the visitor in to the overall experience.

And, by using the WordPress platform to create a custom content management system, we were able to create a website that could be centrally managed and quickly updated as menu and event changes arise.

The Results

We created a unique online experience for the visitor before they even stepped foot into any Ray’s location. The latest menus, specials, events and photos are now displayed in a way that whets your appetite and entices you to make your reservation or visit Ray’s today!

This was by far the most organized and painless website project of my career. The Mighty 8th team worked with me from the very beginning to understand my vision for the site redesign. They ensured my project stayed on schedule and on budget, while maintaining excellent communication. I am so pleased with the outcome of the new Ray’s Restaurants website! Not only is it beautiful, but it is much more user friendly, informative and boasts the latest in site metrics.” – Claire Brimmer

We thoroughly enjoyed working with Claire Brimmer, Marketing Director for Ray’s, and her great team. We hope the site gains them much attention and drives even more business to their great restaurants! Be sure to check out their new website and visit one of their three locations!

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