Client Website Launch: Gwinnett County
Posted by: Mighty 8th Media

This week, Gwinnett County launched their new and improved website featuring designs by the Mighty 8th team. Getting to work with one of the nation’s fastest growing counties, the one in which Mighty 8th resides, and creating a look and feel that matches their outstanding community was a rewarding experience.

The County is a repository and wealth of information, and also a repository of amazing photos! We used these to our advantage in creating a design that directly reflects landmarks, venues and the people who make up the County – creating a personal touch to the site.

Not only did we update the look of the site, but we also updated the way in which visitors access key information. Instead of organizing content around county structures, the new site allows the visitor to easily find information based on who they are or what they’re looking for. Sounds like a simple change, but it’s one that will likely have the largest impact on the overall user experience of the site.

Each department within the County provides enough information to warrant their own website. Presenting a consistent layout and providing specified areas for personalization enables each department to share content in an organized and unified way.

We enjoyed the challenge that this project presented, and the opportunity of putting our design stamp on our great county. Success really does live here!


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