Client Website Launch: GNR Health Department
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Local health departments are one of the greatest resources, and often a hidden treasure, for many in communities across our country. The Gwinnett, Newton and Rockdale (GNR) County Health Departments are among those offering services to meet the needs of their local communities. From child immunizations, family planning and disease prevention to local health inspection scores, the GNR Health Department offers a wealth of helpful services and information.

The Challenge

The Health Department was challenged with effectively communicating everything to everyone, which is common for an organization that provides such a variety of services to a diverse audience. As you can imagine, prioritizing health services or trying to predict what someone might find helpful isn’t always simple, making organization and presentation of content one of the major keys to an effective website.

As with any government organization, managing resources as efficiently as possible is critical. GNR need to manage their website in-house, but they also recognized that the days of having a dedicated web developer on staff were coming to an end. Therefore, creating a custom yet easy-to-use backend content management system for the website was a must-have.

The Opportunity

Since staring at your own website content can often become mindnumbing and steal the creativity right out of the room, the Health Department thought it would serve them best to enlist a team like Mighty 8th Media to take a step back, examine their content with fresh eyes, and propose an effective way of communicating with their audiences via the website.

The Results

By developing a site map, the Health Department was able to see the big picture of how we recommended bucketing content. From there, each page was wireframed to ensure that content layout was reader-friendly and all necessary elements were represented.

Once the content was organized, we created a design that showcased the variety and quality of services offered. By designing an expandable drop down system, we provided a way for the Health Department to expand or update services on the fly. Personable photography, soothing colors and clean text treatments also helped further enhance the Health Department’s image.

From overall web strategy and content organization to web design and development, we enjoyed helping GNR more effectively communicate the important resources they offer. We appreciate the role they serve in keeping our community strong and healthy, and hope you enjoy using their website!

Visit the new and improved GNR Health Department website.

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