Celebrating Tammy’s Birthday by the Beach
Posted by: Gordon McMahan

We recently celebrated Tammy’s birthday by bringing something she loves to The Hangar: the beach! She might be from Indiana and live in Atlanta, but we know her heart is by the ocean. So, to celebrate, we decorated Tammy’s desk area as if it was her very own island getaway, complete with a sandbox so she could dig her toes into the sand.


What better way to enjoy a festive beach birthday than by having a group lunch at a Mexican restaurant? We headed for Fuego, because this birthday celebration was on fire! (For our non-Spanish speaking fans or anyone that hasn’t watched an episode of Dora the Explorer, “fuego” = “fire” in Spanish.)


Tammy ordered up a sizzling plate of chicken fajitas to keep this steamy birthday celebration going.

Upon our return to The Hangar, we knew this tropical island getaway wouldn’t be complete without afternoon mimosas, complete with fresh-squeezed orange juice and chilled champagne.


Here is Ben doing his best impersonation of Isaac, the bartender from The Love Boat.


The crew had a blast putting fresh strawberries, blueberries and mint into our tasty concoctions. Once we had all fixed our own mimosas, it was time to toast the birthday girl!


To finish out the island celebration, we watched Tammy totally wax the competition in a quick game of limbo.


Hopefully we turned Tammy’s birthday into a beach-day she’ll never forget. But after a few of those tasty mimosas, she might have!


Here’s a very Happy Birthday to you, Tammy!

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