Celebrating Kevin’s Birthday, Vinyl Style…
Posted by: Gordon McMahan

Last week we celebrated the birthday of one of our longtime coworkers, Kevin Moss. Many of you know Kevin as a member of our strong design team at Mighty 8th Media. What you might not know is that Kevin also collects vintage vinyl records from ebay, a large number of antique stores and Goodwill locations throughout the area. And when we say “collect”, we mean that the mailman usually has a new album for Kevin every single day.

Naturally, that worked its way into a birthday theme for Kevin. We covered our conference table in a hodgepodge of albums across virtually every style, genre and decade. There was even a cake crafted in the shape of a turntable!

Because of his love for vinyl records, we crafted a nickname for our odd album aficionado: DJ Banana. Ben was the mastermind behind this cool sign that hung above the conference table full of vinyl classics.

Kevin was thrilled with the theme, so much so that he immediately went into DJ mode and mimicked some scratching on this virtual DJ cake.

Happy Birthday Kevin! Your great design work and keen sense of humor certainly keeps all of us spinning!

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