Celebrating Gordon’s Birthday
Posted by: Gordon McMahan

Around the hangar, birthdays are an excuse to have fun, get creative, and most importantly, exploit the eccentricities of our fellow co-workers. Such was the case on Thursday when Senior Account Manager/Ping Pong Extraordinaire Gordon McMahan celebrated his 35th Birthday.

Known around the office for his unkempt desk area (among other things), this provided a perfect theme to the celebration. Preparations were made, timing was established, and plans executed. Thanks to Ben’s creativity and familiarity with the latest in modern day waste disposal vehicle engineering, THIS is what was waiting for Gordon when he finally arrived at work.

Cans, bottles, paper, and used coffee grounds made up the pile of rubbish littering the expanse of the office landfill; not a far cry from the norm, but noticeable nonetheless.

Gordon looked perfectly natural hanging off the back of the truck, most likely due to his history of involvement with city correctional institution “volunteer” work.

After all the excitement wore off, it was time for cake; however the fun was all but over when someone handed Gordon a butcher knife.

As the rest of the office dove in to our slices of birthday cake heaven, Christin, our resident calorie counter and impassioned endorser of “Weight Watcher’s Mobile”, the ipad app for caloric o.c.d types, enjoyed her little sliver of non-fat goodness…yummy.

All in all, a happy day for us all…indeed.

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