Celebrating Gordon’s Birthday, Shetland Style!
Posted by: Gordon McMahan

This past week our very own Gordon McMahan turned 36 years old, so we decided to thrown down, Shetland style!

Gordon spent his early years in Shetland and Iceland, clubbing baby seals and burning batches of wild moss in his hobbit hut to stay warm. A main source of income for his family in those days was raising sheep, so in keeping with his rich heritage, the Mighty 8th crew pimped out his cubical Shetland style, complete with free-standing cut-out sheep.

We also included plenty of wild moss, and a beautiful poster depicting the birthday boy in all his Shetland glory. Yes, that sheep he’s riding like a bull is in a great deal of pain.

For lunch we visited Ted’s Montana Grill to get our graze on. With it’s rustic charm and exotic cuisine, Ted’s worked nicely with the day’s somewhat rugged and outdoorsy theme.

To Gordon’s disappointment, the menu was devoid of his favorite entrĂ©e, lamb and mutton. However, he did settle on one of the many styles of bison burgers for which Ted’s is famous. Who knew buffalo tasted so good?

After lunch we continued the festivities back at The Hangar. There were no games of “Pin the Tail on the Shetland Pony” or “Hide and Go Sheep” as promised. Bradley took great pleasure to Gordon’s dismay.

There was, however, one of the BEST caramel pound cakes ever! Even better, Gordon was able to share a piece with his “special friend.”

Happy Birthday to one of Mighty 8th’s long-time employees! A great guy to work with, and one who really stands out from the herd.

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