Celebrating Christin’s Birthday, Germ-Free!
Posted by: Gordon McMahan

At Mighty 8th Media, it’s been a busy time for birthdays. And we always try to make sure every birthday is just as “special” as the last.  This week?  It was time to celebrate the birth of project manager extraordinaire Christin Shepard!

Christin happens to be my pod-mate, which means she sits adjacent to me. Our birthday policy mandates that your pod-mate is required to determine the birthday theme and make sure the day is a success.

So, what is something that Christin would appreciate?  What does she hold dear? What makes her tick? To a degree, it’s her OCD!  With that in mind, I crafted the ideal birthday celebration for Christin: A Germ-Free Birthday!

The entrance to the office was decorated with streamers made of surgical masks, capped off with balloons in Christin’s favorite color, lime green. Additional balloons were hung above her area, along with inflated latex gloves to complete the theme!

A value-sized jar of Advanced Purell adorned her desk, and a note asked all employees to sanitize (twice) before talking to Christin on her birthday. By the way, Advanced Purell contains 70% alcohol for extra germ fighting power.  Why do I know this? Because I’m a germaphobe too!  (That’s what makes me and Christin a natural fit as pod-mates.)

Everyone had a goody bag of germ-free party favors on their desk, including a surgical mask and a sweet set of latex gloves.

Christin’s goody bag had a few extra special items, including four sets of designer hand sanitizer with scents ranging from Vanilla Brown Sugar to Cucumber Melon.  She can now sanitize in style!

As the day progressed, it was time for regular business including client meetings.  Fortunately, our clients are good sports, like Jason Gazaway from Cables & Kits.  What better way to ensure a positive meeting than to prevent any germs from infiltrating the office?!

Even Buford’s coolest mail carrier, “Joe the Mailman”, got in on the germ-free action.

As lunch time rolled around, we hit the road for one of Christin’s favorite lunch spots: Mellow Mushroom! And when it’s your birthday, you can order an entire pizza for yourself!  Will she finish it…?

As the to-go box in Christin’s hand indicates, she did not completely devour her amazing BBQ chicken pizza. But the rest of us did enjoy a delicious lunch in her honor.

After enjoying our time at the ‘shroom, we walked a couple of doors down to a tasty self serve frozen yogurt store for a sweet finish to this birthday lunch.

Once we were back at the office, we all donned our gloves and masks for one big ole weird family portrait.

Normally, we like to do one “wacky” pose, but when you are ALREADY in latex gloves and surgical masks, it’s already pretty freaky.  Nonetheless, below is the crazy shot!

Christin, we hope you had a very special and memorable birthday.  Based on these photos alone, how could you ever forget it?!

Happy Germ-Free Birthday!

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