Capturing a Company’s DNA on Video
Posted by: Gordon McMahan

What better way to understand your client’s culture than by spending two days on location, shooting a video, and absorbing everything that defines them as a company?

For our clients, a video is an effective way to communicate a story to a target audience, but for us it’s also a way to gain valuable insight into their mindset, personality, and work environment. In turn, this provides us with knowledge and a better understanding of their DNA as we look to most effectively market them to the world. Also, it’s a lot of fun!


We recently wrapped up a location shoot for CablesAndKits, one of the largest online network accessory superstores in the world and all around experts in awesome. CablesandKits wanted to develop a video showcasing their companies’ core values, and how those values contribute to their success. Using this philosophy as the foundation, Mighty 8th’s video team, led by award-winning videographer Ron Dawson, set-off to bring their vision to life…with our own unique twist of course.

Once we have an idea of what we want and the shots required to tell that story, we do whatever it takes to “get the shot”. “Whatever it takes” usually involves a dash of spontaneity, a sprinkle of resourcefulness, a shake of willingness, and a whole bucket of humility (as demonstrated in these exclusive behind the scenes clips)…as we said, whatever it takes!

Stay tuned for the final version of the CablesAndKits core values video. In the meantime, let us know if you think Mighty 8th’s video services can help tell your story.

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