Bradley’s First Birthday Without a Gall Bladder
Posted by: Gordon McMahan

This week we celebrated Bradley’s birthday and also bid farewell to one of his vital organs: the gall bladder.  Last Thursday, Bradley went under the knife and had his poorly-functioning gall bladder removed because it contained a big ol’ gallstone the size of a bowling ball.  Sadly, after the operation they wouldn’t let him keep the stone.  It was going to be the office’s new pet rock.

Meanwhile, since this medical procedure coincided perfectly with Bradley’s birthday, it provided the ideal birthday theme: Operation Birthday!

No celebration (or mourning of vital organs lost) is complete at Mighty 8th Media without some sort of theme and/or game! So we all came prepared to try our hand at the classic game of Operation.

When a pale, weakened Bradley arrived for the first time since his surgical procedure and witnessed the decorations and theme, he looked at us and seemed to be thinking, “Do you people realize what I just went through?  And, do you realize how much I am pumped full of pain meds?”

In order for the whole team to gain our strength and fortitude before engaging in a fierce game of Operation, we ventured to one of Bradley’s favorite restaurants, the Saigon Cafe.

We all enjoyed a delicious Asian-themed lunch, and several of us showed off our chopstick prowess.

Once we were back at the office, it was time to shake off the MSG coma and get ready to play Operation!

All the competitors donned latex gloves before operating on the board game, and some people took on a near-demonic persona as soon as the latex gloves snapped into place.  EXHIBIT A:


Meanwhile, Tammy rediscovered her inner child that remembered when you rub latex balloons (or gloves) near someone’s head it causes static electricity.  Bev was very courteous in serving as Tammy’s science fair guinea pig.

And now it was time to get down to the Operation action!  Bradley was the first competitor and set a high bar for items removed in under 30 seconds.

Eric Rader, our newest team member and Director of Business Development, engaged in an interesting method of cord management to achieve a stellar result.

I didn’t realize that Bradley would be playing defense (or committing a felony) while I was playing.

Meanwhile Christin scored a big fat zero in the competition.  She didn’t remove a single item from the board game patient and was immediately disqualified after three consecutive buzzes.  Seriously, I wouldn’t trust this girl with removing a SPLINTER, much less a rubber band from my abdomen.  Maybe she was distracted by the butcher knife that was plunged into the still-frozen ice cream cake.  (not an excuse for her dreadful performance)

In the end, Ben walked away with the title of Chief Surgeon after removing an amazing 8 items in 30 seconds or less.  Congrats on this feat of manual dexterity!

Congratulations to Bradley for emerging from your surgery unscathed, and we all wish you a very Happy Birthday!

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