Ben’s Birthday Hits the Jackpot!
Posted by: Gordon McMahan

Last week we celebrated a major milestone for Ben, his 30th birthday! Since he was about to take his first trip to Vegas for the Future Insights web conference, we thought we’d roll the dice on a Vegas theme for his birthday.


After Ben got to check out his custom birthday sign, we knew we’d head for a lunch destination that is never a gamble: Mellow Mushroom. ┬áIt takes a very special place to be as “cheesy” as the crew from Mighty 8th!


Did you know that nobody gets between Bev and her pizza? Now you do.


As usual, Mellow Mushroom served up a very satisfying set of delicious dishes that really hit the spot!


Once back at The Hangar, we all went upstairs to check out our very own custom casino. In one half of the room was an X-box with a track and field game. Competitors wore either a red or black hat, and the gamblers placed bets on their choice.


Justin Gillispie, Mighty 8th Business Development team member, is on the tall side. So, between his height and a ridiculously tall hat, there was limited room for him to compete in the track and field competition.


Meanwhile, birthday boy Ben put on a clinic as he showed off his incredible vertical leap!


Bev’s definitely glad she bet on black, and she’s got the chips to show for it.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the room, there was a full blackjack game under way. Here are some very happy card players, but please note this picture was taken BEFORE the card game started! (and the dealer started winning…)


Not only did Ben clean up at the track and field event, but he was raking in the chips at the tables too. Must have been some birthday luck!


At the end of the event, the chip total was counted up, and the winner was…Justin! For his efforts, he received a $15 iTunes giftcard.


Ever the gentleman, Justin gifted the card to Ben in honor of his birthday.

Ben, we hope you had a fantastic birthday celebration. And remember, what happens at The Hangar stays at The Hangar!

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