At the AIGA SEED show
Posted by: Gordon McMahan

Last week, a couple of us from the hanger had the pleasure to attend AIGA’s SEED show. The show was a culmination of print, interactive and branding design produced anywhere in the southeast. It’s always great to see what solutions your peers are coming up with.

I found that the results to be pretty varied (which was a good thing). The winners covered a broad range of styles from the classics, to the D.I.Y.’s.

Having a background in print, I must say I was a bit partial to the tangible pieces in the show. The one that caught my attention the most was the “We Are Next” Brochure for Trinidad & Tobago. Simple and elegant.

Several of these pieces were self-promotions where the idea and execution garnered them entry into the show. Often times I’ve heard people I know in the design field complain about “well, we didn’t have a good budget to do something cool,” or “nobody knows this company so it was hard to get people to take notice.”

When you have a good idea or concept, there are usually ways to circumvent the cost of doing the most expensive printing technique. They say “Content is King” and I agree. Take this Client Gift Package. Illustrated mugs with hand crafted tea bags, all encased in a screen printed box. Simple and effective.

While there are multiple parts to any campaign, at the end of the day it comes down to how they all work together. Are you in need of some TLC for your marketing?

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