All Aboard for Tammy’s Birthday Celebration!
Posted by: Gordon McMahan

Last week we celebrated Tammy’s birthday with a nautical theme!  Why did we build a boat at her desk including a near-life-size-blowup replica of her?  Because Tammy is out celebrating her actual birthday on a cruise with several friends from college!  So, we wanted to create the S.S. Margo Rita to get her in the cruising mood!

After Tammy enjoyed her cruise ship experience in the morning, we set sail for our lunch time destination: Mellow Mushroom.  We hit the high seas for Suwanee, and arrived in port just in time for lunch.  As seen in the photo below, one end of the table ordered appetizers and salads and were comfortably enjoying the beginnings of their meal.  Meanwhile, in the foreground, several sad sailors sat without vittles for the first part of the meal.  Eric even resorted to snorting Splenda.

However, it was mere moments before the magical Mellow Mushroom pizzas began to arrive!  Below is a tasty example of their fine offerings, the Buffalo Chicken Pizza!  Can you ever go wrong with chicken, bacon, wing sauce, ranch dressing, cheese and pizza crust?  The answer is a definitive NO.

After downing our pizzas and the other awesome offerings at Mellow Mushroom, we took a stroll down the street to a local self serve frozen yogurt store. (full disclosure: the best self serve frozen yogurt store on the planet is Lovin’ Spoons, one of our clients.  They just don’t have a franchise store in the Atlanta area…YET!) Tammy loves froyo, so this was a natural stop for some delicious dessert.  Everyone made their favorite mix of frozen yogurt and tasty toppings to top off a great celebration of Tammy’s Birthday.

Aaaaand then Eric licked Kevin’s head.  Yep.  Licked it.

Happy Birthday Tammy!  Thanks for keeping us all afloat with your sense of humor and great spirit!

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