A Steam Themed Birthday for Katina!
Posted by: Gordon McMahan

Yesterday was Katina’s birthday, and we celebrated like a big family with an Italian feast! Vinny’s Restaurant is right up the road, and served as an ideal venue for us to gorge ourselves on Italian favorites like pizza, stuffed shells, ravioli and more.

After we were done carb-loading, we headed back to the office for cake. But, this wasn’t just any cake, it was a Steam Punk cake. What is Steam Punk, you ask? Good question, because most of us at Mighty 8th had no idea either! In a nutshell, it’s a literary and entertainment genre, a design aesthetic, a philosophy, and more. (ok, it’s a big nutshell.) You remember the tv show and movie Wild Wild West? It was inspired by this genre. For more details on everything Steam Punk, visit www.steampunk.com.

Anyway, Katina is a big fan of Steam Punk, and this served as the theme for her cake, including dials, gears, and gauges.

The cake was mechanically sound on the outside, and absolutely delicious on the inside! Even Michael enjoyed some, and he usually only eats about 250 calories per day.

Katina’s desk area remains festively decorated today as she basks in the afterglow of her Steam Punk extravaganza.

Happy Birthday, Katina!

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