A Mighty “Cookie” Cook-Off!
Posted by: Mighty 8th Media

Reflecting on our holiday festivities here at Mighty 8th, we held our annual cookie cook-off and white elephant gift exchange just before Christmas.

While we were planning the cookie celebration, a few sore losers from previous cook-offs requested that we expand the entries from cookies to any type of baked goods.  Looks like the Annual “Cookie” Cook-Off has become the Annual “Baked-Goods” Bake-Off.  Although participation was optional, we had a lot of delicious entries.

Gordon made a big batch of apple cinnamon streusel muffins.

Katina’s rich and decadent fudge was decorated with sprinkles.  Jessica stuck to the original cook-off designation and made turtle cookies.  These chocolate cookies were covered in toasted pecans and filled with caramel.  Tammy made peanut butter balls that were dipped in white chocolate.  Jonathan made a red velvet cake topped with icing and pecans.

Christin attempted to make banana pudding.  It was lacking the cohesive pudding texture and was more of a….chilled banana soup, supposedly because her husband “over-whipped the cool whip.” Yep, she totally threw him under the bus.

Everyone worked their way around the table sampling all of the baked goods.  People were gaining weight just LOOKING at these sweet confections.

Within minutes, we were in our seats and slipping into a sugar coma.  We each voted on the best baked good as well as the worst.

Michael’s Oreo Snowballs took the winner’s seat.

For creating such a delectable baked-goodie, Michael took home a Redneck Christmas CD with songs like “Did You Heard What I Heard?”

The worst baked good was definitely Tammy’s peanut butter balls.  Leftovers were the only thing that Tammy took home.

After all the winning desserts were eaten, we had a white elephant gift exchange.  This fun game filled with ridiculous and random gifts kept us laughing.  Some of the gifts included a blue dog bust, a toilet tape dispenser and a safari lamp.

Beverly received a 2013 calendar of redneck horoscopes.  This are sure to be passed around through the new year.

Katina took home an “I Love Farting” mug that actually farts. Charming!

Gordon got a redneck wine glass. Practical for both drinking wine and canning vegetables…

Eric received a Chuck Norris bobble-head that talked for the rest of the day from inside his gift bag.  You just can’t keep Chuck Norris quiet.

And Christin was fooled by a money-wrapped gift.  Although initially enticing, she was disappointed to find a customizable urinal screen kit inside.  Oh well, at least she got the cash!

What a fun way to wrap up and celebrate the holidays with all our fun-loving crew members!

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