A Kentucky Fried Birthday for Ben
Posted by: Tammy Dock-Brown

Ben, a native of Kentucky, just celebrated his 31st birthday (He’s growing up right before our eyes!). So the theme for this years celebration was ‘Celebrating All things Kentucky’, including him! After lots of Kentucky research, the only things we discovered as Kentucky originals are whiskey, good basketball, KFC, the derby and a few farm animals.


Since nobody really wanted KFC, we gathered for lunch at the local Mexican restaurant to celebrate, and everyone was there, including our friend from Dos Equis.


While the restaurant staff didn’t clap and sing a crazy birthday song or humiliate him with a gigantically over-sized sombrero, they did bring Ben a free ice cream sundae.


After returning to The Hanger, we wanted to create a Kentucky Derby-like experience, but we obviously didn’t have any horses. So we created relay races to give Ben the same thrill. We broke up into 2 teams, Team Ben and Team Jonathan, and there were 3 sets of relay races to commemorate the occasion.


Out of the gate was the golf ball/spoon relay race. Each team had to trot down the hallway and back and give the golf ball to the next person in line. Jonathan’s team ended up with the Round 1 win.


The second race was a hula hoop relay. Each team stood in a line and held hands. The object was to get the hula hoop to the other end of the line without letting go.


Even with a whopping average height of 6ft, Jonathan’s team was the fastest.

The final relay of the day was the mummy relay! Each team picked one person to be quickly turned into a toilet paper mummy, and Michael and Ben were selected to be each team’s mummy.


Jonathan’s teamed struggled pretty hard on this relay, as they had some communication issues getting started (just take a close look at Bev and Jonathan on the floor).


Meanwhile, Ben’s teamed flew around him like they were old pro’s, winning the race. What a weird day this was turning out to be.


After all the races, we had worked up a second appetite and celebrated with delicious cupcakes from Buford’s new bakery, The Baking Grounds.


Happy Birthday Ben! We are very happy to have you here from Kentucky as part of the Mighty 8th team! Especially since you’re so willing to wear ridiculous hats at the drop of a…well, you know, hat.


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