A Groovy Mighty 8th Birthday from the 70’s
Posted by: Gordon McMahan

What sort of things happened in 1973?

• The Sydney Opera House opened in Australia.

• Secretariat was the first horse to win the Triple Crown in 25 years.

• Elvis Presley’s ‘Aloha from Hawaii’ television special is seen by more than 1 billion viewers around the world.

• The Exorcist hits movie theaters.

• And, most importantly, Mighty 8th Media Senior Graphic Designer Kevin Moss was born!

What better way to celebrate this momentous occasion than with an oddly Photoshopped trip down Memory Lane. Kevin’s likeness was cleverly worked into some iconic 70’s imagery by his desk-mate, Bradley. While he enjoyed these highlights from a rather disturbing decade, he was also adorned with a very 70’s headband that included some built-in hair. Pretty groovy!

Kevin Moss Birthday

Here is a closeup of the gems that were awaiting Kevin as he walked into his 1970’s time warp. From David Bowie to Evil Knievel and a plaid tux, we hit all the highlights from this wacky decade.

Kevin Moss 1973 Birthday

To celebrate the birthday boy at lunch, we took off to Taco Mac where Kevin ordered up a platter of piping hot wings.

Kevin Moss Taco Mac Birthday Meal

Upon returning to the office, we devoured a cookie cake that was designed like a vinyl record, the preferred method of playing music in 1973. It was so delicious we didn’t even snap a pic before plating it up!

Kevin, we hope this 1970’s time warp was just the trick to take your birthday out of this world. Happy Birthday!


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