A Fishy Birthday Celebration for Kevin
Posted by: Gordon McMahan

Last week we celebrated the birthday of Kevin Moss, Senior Graphic Designer. As one of the hardest working folks we have at The Hangar, we wanted to provide an atmosphere that would help Kevin instantly relax and settle in for a soothing day by the ocean. What better way to create a virtual paradise than to surround Kevin’s desk area with some lovely ladies of the sea?

In addition to a carefully hung fisherman’s net, some strategically placed seaweed and a desk covered in seashells, we created a series of posters featuring some rather odd mermaids.

Whether it was the Red Snapper or the Barracuda, each one had her own personality and special birthday wish for Kevin. After meeting these dazzling dames of the water, he was ready to settle into the workday. Before long, it was time to head out for a big birthday lunch. What better way to celebrate this nautical theme than with a seafood extravaganza? We piled into a few cars and set sail for Coastal Breeze, a seafood restaurant right up the road.

We got settled into our table and ordered up a feast of fish platters!

While waiting for our delicious bounty to arrive on deck, we passed around a jar of mermaid names that didn’t make the cut when finalizing the posters that would hang above Kevin’s head all day. Let’s just say there were some true gems here, as you can see by Tammy and Ben’s reactions!

And then the platters of appetizing aquatic goodness began to hit the table. Kevin was ready to dive into a hot seafood pasta bake.

After we returned to the office, we topped off our tasty lunch with a choice of two tantalizing cheesecakes: New York Style or Marbled Chocolate. Why cheesecake? Well, since it’s Kevin’s birthday, here’s a little history lesson about his favorite dessert.

Before digging into these delightful delicacies, we posed for a nice group shot to commemorate the occasion.

And naturally, our cast of characters at Mighty 8th Media always has to do at least one “wacky pose” whenever we take a group shot.

Kevin, we truly hope you had a wonderful birthday. You’re one of our best catches!

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