A Corny Day at Mighty 8th Media
Posted by: Gordon McMahan

The competitive bunch at Mighty 8th Media likes to schedule a cook-off at least a couple of times per year.  This gives us a chance to celebrate the season and bring our best dishes from home.  Last week we had a corny adventure to bring in the fall season. The dishes for this cook-off were all meant to celebrate corn, one of fall’s best ingredients.

The morning began with crockpots across the office bubbling with recipes brimming with corn.  And yes, the crockpot  below was simmering away right in our front window.  Ain’t no shame in our cook-off game!

Several recipes called for some last minute ingredients, including the tasty avocados needed for Tammy’s roasted corn salsa.

Joe the Mailman, Buford’s best mail carrier, sampled Tammy’s offering and declared it an instant winner.  But how would she stack up against the other corn dishes?

At the outset, Tammy’s perfect presentation gave her the early edge in landing in the winner’s circle.  Check out the salsa served in some sweetly carved pumpkins.

Meanwhile, Bradley served up a similar dish with his Sriracha Style Guacamole.  The spicy heat in this tasty treat will sneak up on you after a couple of bites!

Christin brought her A-game with a Beefy Corn and Black Bean Chili.  Not only was the flavor out of this world, she presented her dish with some well-presented sides, including scallions, sour cream and some cheddar cheese.

Christin also went the extra mile to score some Pinterest points with her elegant napkins and spoons wrapped in yarn.  When questioned about this obvious attempt to sway the voters she replied “they’re just paper napkins!” Oh, please.

Meanwhile, Kevin served up some Corn and Cheese slop fit for a pig’s trough.  This stuff could be used as mortar in your next bricking project. Seriously, it was like mac n’ cheese without the pasta, or the tasty cheese.  We wouldn’t be surprised if most of his ingredients were bought at Home Depot.

There were several dessert dishes offered up, including Michael’s Corn Flake n’ Peanut Butter Bars.  Perhaps he went grocery shopping at Home Depot with Kevin, because these dense bars seemed to have Quick-Krete as the main ingredient. Over half the staff lost at least one tooth on these dense bars of death.

In other news, Jonathan had a cheesy disaster on his hands when his cheese cornbread tried to include the foil covering as a main ingredient within the dish.  One taster of this dish later described it “like a potato chip that had been stuck between the couch cushions for two years.”  Yikes, mission not accomplished.

Meanwhile, Eric might have fared the worst with his corn cook-off entry.  First thing in the morning, he plugged his crockpot into a non-working outlet. As the tasting of dishes was just about to begin, he finally plugged his ice cold crockpot slop into a working outlet on the conference room floor.  Perhaps by the time the office would be closing, we could taste his dish!

At this point it was time to dig into all the delicious entries…or at least those that were ready to be eaten!

While we digested these corn-filled concoctions, we engaged in a fun game of Pictionary! Many of the words were softballs, including Bradley’s first word: softball!  Things took a turn for the more complicated, with ridiculous words like ‘ergonomic’ and ‘regret’.

Some people chose to make some very interesting shapes for their words.

You know, like Michael, who literally made some random shapes that happened to spell out his word: veil. His word might as well have been CHEATER!

Once the cheating and chicanery of Pictionary had concluded, it was time to tabulate the cook-off ballots.  Who will win and enjoy victory? Who will lose and suffer shame?

Bradley read off the ballots one by one, announcing the votes for Best Dish and Worst Dish.

As you can see above, our crew casts their ballot for best dish, and also lowers the hammer on the nastiest dishes, like “Kevin’s Gross Stuff.”

In the end, Christin’s delicious Beefy Corn Chili wins the prize for Best Dish!  Her reward was bragging rights and a random pilgrim statue from the Dollar General.

And Jonathan/Kevin tie for the WORST DISH. We need to come up with a tie-breaker, because these two did not want to share this prize, instead pointing the finger at each other. They split the “reward” of a can of corn, which they will hopefully put to better use next time.

After we were all stuffed with corn goodies, we took a field trip to the Buford Corn Maze.  They had a small petting zoo with goats, chickens and miniature pot-bellied pigs.

They also had an extensive assortment of port-a-potties, which always make for great team photos!  You’ll notice that boss-man gets the big one.

They also had a corn box where Jessica got covered up in corn kermels by her fellow crew members.  That’s what you get when you are the kid or “niblet” on the crew.

The crew was now ready to conquer the corn maze!  We broke up into two teams to see who could complete this challenge first.

At the outset, there is a worthless map of the maze…and basically it looks like a tangled bowl of spaghetti.  Who could remember these clues?!

As it turns out, MICHAEL could remember it. The teams broke into two different groups and started to get lost amidst the tall corn stalks.  One team kept running into dead ends, but Michael came to their rescue.  He is a skillful corn maze conqueror and was able to lead the once-lost team to success.

Above you can see Michael the Maze Whisperer decoding one of the clues within the maze. His deciphering skills were second to none, and he led his team to an easy maze victory.

Our final adventure of the day was a hayride.  Feeling hot and worn out from our corn maze adventure, we were ready for a relaxing ride. What better way to enjoy a nice fall day than inhaling tractor exhaust fumes?  One of the hayride assignments was to get passing trucks to take notice and honk during the ride.  Let’s just say we were successful, thanks to Tammy!

A few folks from Mighty 8th decided to stick their faces into a fun board of animals as we concluded our trip to the Buford corn maze. If you’re local to the area, stop by the Buford Corn Maze. We highly recommend a visit to this fun site of fall festivities!

Upon our return to The Hangar, we posed for a group photo in front of our “corny” sandwich board.  Fall is officially here at Mighty 8th!

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