A Birthday to Forget
Posted by: Mighty 8th Media

Bradley Sherwood, Managing Partner and Creative Director here at Mighty 8th Media, recently celebrated his 39th birthday, and unless he remembers to take his Ginkgo, he won’t remember much of it.

Yes, Bradley, like all of us, is suffering the effects of aging. Some of us develop arthritis. Others lose our hair. Some fall victim to the cruel effects of gravity. Bradley’s curse? Short term memory loss. Yes, over the last few years, it’s been getting progressively worse. From misplaced car keys to forgotten employee names, Bradley’s amnesia is starting to get the best of him (by his own admission). So, what better way to close out his 30’s than throwing him the best birthday he will probably never remember? At least we did our best to make sure he would.

Things were crystal clear for the birthday boy when he arrived to work on his birthday morning. Why? Well, there was a blazing trail of hand-written reminders waiting for him, all intended to help jog his memory. These were supposedly notes he had written himself and left in what he thought were less than obvious places, so as not to draw too much attention to his ever growing handicap.

Yes, subtle clues to Bradley’s elusive not-so-distant past, left to help uncover the large tapestry of the black unknown that is his memory.

“Which door should I use? Oh right.”

“Where do I sit again? Oh, that’s right”

“Who are all these people? Apparently they work for me.”

Remembering is hard work, and it sure builds up an appetite. It was time for Bradley’s birthday lunch, and to celebrate the crew went to one of his favorite restaraunts, Dos Pancakes.

For many of us, this was our first experience with this charming little Tex-Mex diner. For others, it was a lunch we wish we could forget.

Converted from an old Huddle House, Dos (two) Pancakes’ appearance is largely deceiving. Who would have guessed that some of Buford’s best Tex-Mex is served up daily at this less than charming locale? After all, the building is connected to a GAS STATION. Doesn’t exactly scream quality. Most of us who drive by…well, keep driving. However, Bradley’s sense of adventure is far greater than most, and after eating there, he’s been championing the horribly mis-named Dos Pancakes. So his birthday seemed an opportune time to give it a try.

Ordering at Dos Pancakes was easy enough. Getting the food, however, was not. We soon realized that Dos Pancakes was not exactly equipped to deal with a party of our size. With one chef and nothing but gallons of old deep fry oil that meant no fried foods were available, things began to look bleak. Minutes turned into hours. Finally, food was brought to the birthday boy’s table. It smelled as wonderful as it looked…

and the three of us were duly impressed!

Everyone else would have to wait. Some longer than others…some much, much longer than others, and some….let’s just say by the time they got their food we were actually celebrating Bradley’s 40th birthday.

Back at the Hangar, it was time for cake! We got one of Bradley’s favorites, ice cream cake from the DQ, complete with a handwritten note (made with grocery store icing) that reminded everyone whose cake this belonged to. Not the neatest handwriting to be sure, but as with Dos Pancakes, never judge a book by it’s cover or judge a cake by how closely the icing on top resembles number “dos”. All agreed, it was delicious.

We finished up the festivities with a great game of “Memories”. Yes, we created our own custom version of the classic mind sharpening exercise that ensures fun to be had by all, especially with a lil’ twist. 12 Pairs of “Mighty” memories (connections to our firm’s, and more closely, to Bradley’s experiences at the Hangar) face down on the table. Revealed one by one, each person took their turn to uncover and match said “memories.”

Every flip of a card brought laughter and woots. It didn’t take long to chip away and match all the “memories,” and in the end, it was Tammy whose short-term memory proved most reliable. Unfortunately, someone forgot to buy a prize for the winner…fittingly enough.

To top it off, Bradley received a gift package of some Ginkgo Biloba, the original Memory card game for kids, and the movie “Memento,” which inspired his birthday theme. It was a great ending to a birthday to forget! The best part? We’ll be able to have the same exact party next year!

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