A Birthday that Fits Ben to a “T”
Posted by: Gordon McMahan

Today was a very special day at Mighty 8th Media: Ben’s Birthday!  What better way to celebrate than with a company luncheon at Ben’s choice of restaurant?!  He selected Saigon Cafe, which happened to recently open a location just down the road from our office in Buford.  They feature delectable Vietnamese and Thai cuisine that’s much tastier than their sad little Grand Opening banner implies.

While the lunch was absolutely delicious, the photo depicting the event is a bummer for two reasons.  1) The picture was taken on a cell phone, so it looks like it was sent to us via fax all the way from Saigon.  2) Kevin decided it was Lady GaGa Day and wore his shades the whole time.

Meanwhile, back at the office, we all donned T-shirts with fun graphics because Ben loves him some T-shirts and today was all about some Ben.

And then the cake was revealed.  Apparently the gamer nerds in the office (including Ben) were all familiar with this heart box known as a “companion cube” which is your only friend in some video game.  In the game you use this device until towards the end when you have to kill it by throwing it in an incinerator. The rest of us were completely speechless in stunned silence, but the gamers were all geeked out and excited.  More importantly, it tasted GREAT and at least it had some hearts on it to imply that we love our Ben!

Ben, hope you had a great birthday!  We enjoyed celebrating with you…

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