A Birthday in the Great Outdoors
Posted by: Gordon McMahan

What’s the best way to celebrate the birthday of a gal that loves the great outdoors? Bring the great outdoors to her birthday! As part of Mighty 8th Media Account Manager Ashley Ripley’s special day, we brought every plant in the office to her desk area to make it feel like a cozy campsite.


We even turned her desktop picture into a campfire to warm Ashley up and make her feel at home!


Since she got to pick out the place for lunch, Ashley’s preference was PF Changs. While this was completely unrelated to the outdoor theme, it was still absolutely delicious!

Here the Crew of Mighty 8th can be seen holding up their fortunes. And Kevin Moss, always the class clown, can be seen wearing his as a mustache. Either way, we all had the good fortune of celebrating Ashley’s birthday with a delicious lunch.


Meanwhile, back at the office we surprised Ashley with a full campsite in the conference room complete with all the ingredients for s’mores! Yes, that’s a stack of real firewood with a fan blowing fire-colored streamers. It’s all in the details, people.


You’ve probably made many a s’more on a campfire, but have you ever roasted one over a tiny tea light candle?  You can achieve the same results, but it takes a little patience. Okay, a lot of patience.


See? This is what it’s all about. Mouthwatering marshmallow that’s melting the chocolate…


Or you can just light the marshmallow aflame like Tammy and pretend you’re a fire eater!


Inspired by Tammy, Bradley decided to dive into the fire eater action in dramatic fashion.


In other news, Jonathan decided to go from lightly toasted to absolutely roasted.


Since Ashley has a gluten allergy, we provided her with rice crackers to simulate the overall s’mores experience. She described it as having a little popcorn taste thrown in with her s’more.


Ashley, we hope your Great Outdoors birthday was an incredible adventure that you’ll never forget. Happy Birthday!

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