A Birthday Fit for a Princess
Posted by: Mighty 8th Media

When you’re the youngest at the hangar, moreover a child of the 90’s, you respectively earn the title “baby”. For Jessica, she makes that title even more appropriate by bringing in squeezable packets of food (from the baby food isle), writing with colorful felt-tip pens and busting out questions like “Is this from the movie Grease?” when a common 80’s song comes on the office radio. Sigh.

For those reasons and other age-realted office moments, we decided to give our “baby” a birthday fit for a princess. Her desk was adorned with pink and purple balloons, a princess piñata and cute little ponies, while her provided attire consisted of a bedazzled pink princess shirt, pink boa, matching sash and crown. And, just as a princess playing dress-up would do, Jessica sported her outfit all day…seriously. We couldn’t pry those feathers off of her.


One thing we know about our baby is that she loves her some Mexican food. And, wouldn’t you know she’d choose something she can eat with her hands. Tacos.


To her defense, she chose a very trendy Mexican restaurant, Cheeky Taqueria. So, they were semi grown-up tacos. Semi.




Our baby girl’s birthday celebration was rounded out with a dessert table straight out of a child’s birthday party including colorful vases of candy, Fruity Pebbles® treats, strawberry Twinkies® and sprinkle-covered chocolate pretzel sticks. And, for an added touch, Baby Ruth candy bars (which fittingly is Jessica’s favorite candy bar).


And, just in case she forgets hers at home, we supplied her with her very own baby bottle. How thoughtful of us!


We may tease Jessica about being the baby (and cry a little when she doesn’t recognize something that happened prior to 1990), but we do think she’s awesome! She’s wise beyond her years and brings a lot of happiness here to the hangar everyday as an amazing project manager. So, we hope this special day brought you lots of smiles too, Jessica!


PS – Think we forgot about about that princess piñata? Think not! Here’s a little clip for you to enjoy.

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