A Birthday Bash for Bev!
Posted by: Gordon McMahan

At Mighty 8th Media, we’ve had a bunch of birthday celebrations in the last month, and last week this bevy of b-days centered around our very own Bev! We thought long and hard about a theme for Bev’s birthday, and finally landed on the idea of “A Hot and Bothered Birthday!” On this day we would honor things Bev loves, and things she doesn’t love so much.

What does Bev love?  Well, let’s begin with Johnny Depp. For years she’s gone on and on about how much Johnny puts a little spring in her step.  So, we decorated her area with racy red streamers and a dozen iconic images of Mr. Depp in a variety of poses and movie roles.  Heeeeeere’s Johnny!

Once Bev was able to calm down after a couple of hours of being surrounded by her cinematic idol, we all hit the road for the appropriately WWII themed 57th Fighter Group Restaurant. This eatery is located at PDK airport in Atlanta, and offers a view of the runway as you chow down on tasty soups, sandwiches, steaks, fish and more. What better of a place to celebrate a birthday for one of the crew of the Mighty 8th?

After we placed our lunch orders, we had time to celebrate the “bothered” portion of Bev’s birthday theme. For several days leading up to this event, we all contributed to a list of things that drive Bev absolutely crazy. From leaving paper stacked up around the printer to not turning in receipts on time, we had at least 30 things that regularly make her blow her stack.

How would we share this list with the birthday girl? We have this random stuffed bird in the office, and we unstuffed it for this special occasion. Then we re-stuffed the bird with all these gems that grate on Bev’s nerves. Every one of us had to dig into the bird’s nether regions to pull out something that would make Bev nutty.

This onslaught of things like “getting the wrong candy for the office candy bowl” and poking fun of her “breakfast oatmeal concoction” was a laugh riot. Well, for everyone except Bev.  (although, she was a really good sport!”)

Once we had concluded all the joking around and the very tasty lunch, we all gathered outside for a group photo in front of a P-51, the Cadillac of the Sky.

Bev, we hope this Hot and Bothered Birthday was as good for you as it was for us! Happy Birthday!

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