A Big Birthday Milestone for Bradley
Posted by: Mighty 8th Media

There is an elite club here at the Hangar, and membership requires nothing more than a birthday – but not just any birthday. It’s gotta be the BIG 4-0, and just this month our very own Bradley Sherwood became a member. Yes, it feels like just yesterday he was in his thirties, but alas, like sand through the hourglass, so were the days of Bradley’s youth.


To celebrate, the crew had a funeral for Bradley’s youth, complete with a black flower wreath, funeral guest book, creepy funeral organ music, and the actual ashes of Bradley’s youth housed in a beautiful golden urn.


Everyone wore black to commemorate this special occasion, and shared their fondest memories of Bradley’s youth.


For lunch, we wanted to make sure that Bradley still had a pulse, so we surprised him with a trip to one of his favorite “haunts”…HOOTERS! Yes, the fine dining establishment visited primarily by the creepy, 40-something-year -old clientele that’s desperate to feel young. These folks typically justifiy their weekly visits, as Bradley likes to say, “Because they really do have the best wings!”


In all fairness, the wings were delicious.


We followed up lunch with a visit to the grave site of the deceased. It was a beautiful tombstone cake…


…and it tasted as sweet as the innocence of a youth Bradley would now only be able to dream about.


To bring the festivities to a close, there was a final funeral procession to the downstairs bathroom, where Gordon graciously flushed what remained of Bradley’s youth straight down the toilet.


Yes, as days go by, more of the crew will be unwillingly joining this exclusive club. How they will be enshrined in this special group remains to be seen, but it’s sure to be a day for each of them to remember (and dread).

Happy 40th Birthday, Bradley!


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