May the Frosting Be With You.
Posted by: Gordon McMahan

Last week we celebrated the birthday of Mighty 8th Intern, Greg Thye.  Despite the weird spelling, his last name is pronounced “T”, as in “Mr. T”, or as he is affectionately known around the office, “Sweet Tea.”  Nonetheless, his birthday was last week and our celebration began with a hefty serving of pizza for the crew.  As we threw down on some Little Caesars, we took a trip down memory lane and reminisced on the long history we have with Greg. You know, the last two weeks and all.

While we might not have known Greg all our lives, what we DO know is that he loves Star Wars!  Little did he know that we had a full Star Wars surprise party in store for him, complete with light sabers for the entire staff!

What surprise Star Wars party is complete without a super freaky yet totally accurate Jabba the Hutt custom cake from Publix that happens to have an arm that has fallen off?

As we carved into Jabba, the party became less about Greg, Star Wars, and birthdays, and more about how the heck Publix made this cake.  The icing-to-cake ratio was a hot topic, and the dissection of Jabba was closely monitored by all.  If you were the unlucky recipient of a tail piece, you were also the unlucky recipient of 6,000 calories and 450 grams of sugar in that icing.

We were determined to get the bottom of this caloric catastrophe, and someone had to make the ultimate cut.  The birthday boy went in for the kill and bisected Jabba’s head so we could all see the edible innards.

Anyone that ate a piece of this heavily frosted cake hasn’t slept in the last 72 hours due to diabetic shock.  If you want to join the party, check out this fun video showcasing all the fun. May the Force be with you!

Happy Birthday “Sweet Tea” Greg!

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