5 Reasons Why Your Business Should Embrace Video
Posted by: Gordon McMahan

1) You Can Bring Your Stories to Life.
Potential customers will get to see and hear from the client that received the benefits of your service and your team of employees that delivered the great results. Viewers will feel more connected to you after watching a video than reading any written case study. It’s a living testimonial to your work.

2) You’ll Give Your Sales Team a New, Powerful Tool.
Rather than just following up with prospects, imagine your sales team sending a link to a compelling video that backs up the specific promises you’ve made. This instills confidence in the buyer and gives your sales team a chance to make a big impact during the sales process.

3) Your Search Engine Optimization will Improve.
YouTube is the second most used search engine after Google. Don’t have content on YouTube? Then you’re missing out on the action.

4) Video is immediate and brief.
Some people like to dive into written case studies with facts and figures and digest lots of details. For busier folks on the go, they want quick bits of information and video. A brief, powerful video allows those people to watch your story, instead of reading it.

5) Video is Multi-Purpose.
Beyond your website and social media, videos can be shared in sales presentations, at trade shows, in your email newsletter and more. Maximize your investment in video by sharing across all of your marketing outlets.

Now that you understand why it’s important to embrace video, the key to success is doing great video. That’s where Mighty 8th Media steps in with our strong storytelling skills. From scripting and storyboards to lighting and sound, we’ll make sure you make an engaging video that matters.

Here is a video we recently created for one of our clients. UTG, a technology company that helps growing business with all their IT needs, wanted to tell a story about helping one of their customers achieve number one market share in their industry through technology.

You’ve likely never met the people in this video, but after watching it, don’t you feel much more informed about their company and their ability to effectively deliver technology solutions to satisfied clients? That’s the power of video.

Ready to embrace video in your marketing? We look forward to bringing your story to life. Drop us a line.

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