4 Elements to a Great Company Video
Posted by: Ron Dawson

Do you remember the last time you were totally engrossed in a movie? Perhaps it was a little indie flick you hadn’t heard that much about. What about the last time you saw a huge, mega-million dollar blockbuster that absolutely bored you to tears?

Nine times out of ten, what made that movie work, or not, was the story. If the story is bad (i.e. you don’t care for the characters, you can’t follow the plot, etc.) you feel like two hours of your life just got sucked away.

Mighty 8th Video Production

Your company video is no different. If you tell a bad “story,” you risk losing your audience. You only have a few seconds to capture a potential customer’s attention and keep it. So how do you make it count?  Incorporate these critical aspects that make any story great.

4 Key Elements to a Great Company Video

1) The Characters: What would a good story be without characters we care about? In the case of your story, those characters are you and your employees. Your video should make the audience connect with the “characters” you display. Are they relatable to or representative of the audience? Are they passionate about the topic? Do they look good? (And we’re not talking about attractiveness, but instead presentability: dress, posture, eloquence, make-up, etc.)

2) The Conflict: Every good story needs conflict—some challenge the protagonists must face and overcome. In the case of your story, that conflict the the “problem” that your product or service solves.

3) The Quest: Every good story must have a quest. Whether it’s to destroy a moon-sized battle station, throw an evil ring into the heart of a volcano, or get the girl, there is some journey upon which the characters embark. In the case of your company, that “journey” is the overall way in which you deliver your product or service. What are the daily tasks, trials, tribulations and triumphs you and your employees undertake?

4) The Resolution: Every good story doesn’t necessarily have a happy ending, but there’s no doubt you want your story to have one. That happy ending is your brand; essentially what your company stands for.  Sadly, many companies get a slick and stylized video that exemplifies a production company’s capabilities, but has no authentic connection to the company’s brand.

At Mighty 8th Media, we take each of these key elements into account and make the final video product a true reflection of your brand, serving a very specific purpose and objective. This quick video will give you a sense of our capabilities when it comes to video storytelling.

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