3 Tips to Embrace LinkedIn & Become an Influencer
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Most business owners and employees have a LinkedIn account, but are they truly harnessing the power of the platform? Many think of LinkedIn as a job hunting platform offering not much more than an online resume. However, savvy users know they can easily turn their profile into a powerful content generator and networking platform that can help them build big relationships within their industry and circles of influence.

The social experts at Social Media Examiner compiled three specific ways that LinkedIn users can “build a LinkedIn presence to boost visibility for both you and your business.”

Here are 3 Tips to Embrace LinkedIn & Become an Influencer

#1: Align Your Personal Message With Your Company’s

If someone read your personal profile and visited your company’s website, would there be a relationship between the two? If you’re looking to increase your influence, you’ll want close alignment with your company’s message which ties you into their larger goals. Show how you contribute to their grand vision, and you immediately amplify your impact.

#2: Clearly Define Your Role

As an individual in a successful company, you clearly bring unique value and skills to the table. Your headline and keywords in your profile can offer immediate evidence of your capabilities, validating your voice as an authority internally and externally. LinkedIn’s Publisher also offers a blog-like platform to give you a chance to provide long-form content that a quick status update does note. Embrace it!

As Social Media Examiner points out, “Think of the people you serve, and share information that is relevant to them.”

#3: Amplify and Extend Your Reach

By actively engaging and interacting with your network on LinkedIn, you can easily and consistently stay in front of new and existing contacts. With LinkedIn, a little effort goes a long way. From peer networks to industry groups, engage effectively and frequently and you’ll significantly increase your influence.

To learn more about these three tips and see visual examples of how you can implement these sound marketing tips, check out the original article from Social Media Examiner.

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