3 Tips for Making the Most Out of Your AdWords Account
Posted by: Ashley Ripley

“It’s a first position or die game in AdWords.”  While in Raleigh for a recent Cardinal Path Google AdWords 201 training, these words spoken by my instructor really stood out, and set the precedence for my AdWords strategic plan moving forward.

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Tip #1. The most important thing an AdWords account manager can do for a campaign, is to stay active. Check on all campaigns once a week at a minimum. If you are using a manual bid strategy you want to be in there checking your keywords everyday.

Tip #2. Manual bidding allows you to stay atop of the latest bid for top of page placement on the keyword level. This will not guarantee you will make it to the top of page, there are other factors Google considers like page rank, quality score and extensions, but it gives you a a place in the running. Learn more about manual bidding in AdWords help.

Google AdWords
After Bids Are Complete

Tip #3. Another great strategy to increase your quality score, is to create extensions for your ads. There are many types of ad extensions you can connect to your ad: App extensions, Call extensions, Location extensions, Review extensions and Sitelink extensions. It is important that you select the extension that is best suited to your business by first doing your research

The simplest extension, and my favorite, is the sitelink extension. When your ad appears in the top position, if you have sitelink extensions, the user can see additional link options below the ad that will take them to various areas of your website that might be helpful.

AdWords Site Extension Example

This is an example of an ad with sitelinks. Our client, American Life Fund, has seen tremendous growth in their ads since the implementation of sitelinks, including a higher click through rate (CTR), lower cost per click (CPC), higher conversions and better page rank.

Before going to this training I would say I was comfortable in AdWords. I manage several accounts and I consistently follow Google’s AdWords blog to stay up on the latest updates and changes. Now having gone to this training, I feel much more proficient with AdWords and confident in my abilities to troubleshoot and optimize accounts.

Bonus Tip: There is so much to learn about Google AdWords and it is always changing. No matter what size account you are managing the best way to make your ads great is to educate yourself; constantly staying abreast of the latest additions and changes to Google AdWords, and using their online training tools will keep you at the top of your game.

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