3 Steps to Rebranding a Company with a Long History
Posted by: Gordon McMahan

Delivering trusted CO2 solutions since 1970, TOMCO2 Systems had already established itself as the world leader in CO2 products and services. However, they realized they needed a marketing agency to update their brand, focus their messaging and redesign their website to communicate their true capabilities and strengths. While TOMCO2 Systems offers CO2 solutions to companies around the world, they did not have a global brand that accurately represented their legendary expertise.

Step 1: What’s in a name?

The old company name had been used interchangeably as TOMCO2 Equipment and TOMCO2 Systems, but during the discovery phase we identified that the team at TOMCO2 delivered so much more than physical equipment. Mighty 8th Media encouraged them to fully embrace TOMCO2 Systems, better communicating the end-to-end solutions the company provides.  The logo rebranding resulted in a strong, modern mark.



Step 2: Showcasing Four Unique Divisions

TOMCO2 Systems has four distinct divisions, and we gave each a unique icon that ties into the overall brand. From Industrial Equipment to Water Systems, Fire Systems and Parts & Services, we wanted to project a balanced approach to each department.


By showcasing the divisions as four separate but equal entities, it ensures that customers are aware of all four facets of the business.  When we interviewed customers as part of the discovery phase, many had no idea of the other services or solutions offered by the company.

Each division has custom business cards showcasing their unique color and icon, but all the divisions are represented equally on the bottom of the card to fully represent the capabilities of TOMCO2 Systems.

business card redesign


Step 3: Bringing the Brand to Life on the Web

The website was a large undertaking, representing hundreds of products and solutions across the various departments. Users are immediately greeted by banners on the home page that showcase TOMCO2 Systems as a global company and provide clear pathways to each division.

Rebranding a Website

Each division’s section is clearly identified by its unique icon and color, all intended to provide an improved TOMCO2 Systems website where organization and the user experience are at the forefront of our approach. Strong calls-to-action are placed prominently throughout the site to drive business requests.

New Website

With an eye towards turning as many site visits into leads as possible, we created quick contact forms for each section that would deliver warm leads to every department.

website driving business

We’re thrilled with the feedback that TOMCO2 Systems has received on the website, and we’re also very proud of delivering on the original goal of accurately depicting TOMCO2 Systems as a truly global company and the leader in the CO2 industry.

To explore the new TOMCO2 Systems website, click here.

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