3 Quick Social Media Tips for Businesses
Posted by: Tammy Dock-Brown

Jonathan Holmes, Mighty 8th partner and business strategist, recently delivered a presentation to a group at the Gwinnett Chamber of Commerce about effectively using social media to grow their business. Here are three key takeaways to get your business rolling towards social media success.

1. Content is King.

When posting on Facebook, retweeting an article or just sharing a photo on Instagram, it’s absolutely critical to consider the content you are delivering to your audience and whether it is relevant.

• What kind of information does your audience most value?

• How will it help them improve their lives or make their job easier?

• What will compel them to take an action?

• How does the post make them feel about your brand?


As an example, when creating social media content for Allgood Pest Solutions, we include helpful tips for homeowners to maintain a bug-free home. This provides value to the reader, positions Allgood as the expert, and deepens the relationship between Allgood and their social media followers.

2. Broaden Your Audience with Advertising Tools.

Most social media outlets are finding ways to help businesses deliver their message to a wider audience. These advertising tools allow you to very specifically target who you want to get in front of based on geography, gender, age, interests, career and more. You should always know your target audience (on social media or otherwise!) and make sure your that marketing dollars are spent getting in front of as many of them as possible.

For example, on Facebook you can run very inexpensive ads based on targeted demographics to increase the number of “likes” for your page. You can also “boost” a specific post and get it in front of thousands of new customers with a budget as little as $5!


We frequently do this for our client down the street, Aqua Terra Bistro. We take high quality photos of their weekend dinner specials and create a clever Facebook post that is then boosted to appear in front of thousands of Facebook users in Buford and nearby cities. In the last month alone, we’ve garnered over 200 additional Facebook fans using this strategy.

3. Leverage Traditional Advertising to Generate Fans.

Social media is only beneficial if someone is paying attention on the other end.  Beyond prominently displaying social media icons on your website, you can easily raise awareness about your social media outlets by displaying those icons in other marketing and advertising collateral. Why not place a magnet on your company vehicles?


Mention your social media presence when you send out print or email newsletters. Also, provide examples of valuable content, special offers and other tips that customers can find on your social media pages to encourage them to engage with you.

By following these simple and important tips, you are already on the road to a better and more profitable social media presence.

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